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Ka Rey Herrera's REH Herbal
"Walang gamot sa Kamatayan, May lunas ang Karamdaman"
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Ka Rey Herrera

It was Ka Rey Herrera from
the Philippines who dev-
eveloped REH Herbal.

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What is REH Herbal?


Almost all of diseases can be rectify by Ka Rey Herrera Kings REH Herbal Food Supplement since it is herbal food supplement which is not a specific drug treatment.
First process that will happen in your body after taking ka Rey Herrera Kings REH Herbal Food Supplement is the process of  detoxification wherein the toxins in our body is slowly remove out of the body through bowel, urine, sweat and any process in which the body waste will be eradicate.

Ka Rey Herrera Kings REH Herbal Food Supplement is consistent with its ingredients. It only differs in the percentage of red berry (magic berry) in a concentration. Since Red berry is a kind of fruit that contains high anti-oxidant. You can determine the amount of Red Berry in one concentration by its percentage. For an instance, we have 10% concentration, means it composed of 10% of Red Berry. We also have 20% concentration of Red Berry, 30%, 55.5% and 100%.

One Set of Kings REH Herbal Food Supplement is consisting of 10%, 20% and 30% concentration of Red Berry.

One Set is recommended to a patient for his/her first time to intake Ka Rey Herrera Kings REH Herbal Food Supplement. We often advise our consumer to intake One Set to have a good reaction regarding Ka Rey Herrera Kings REH Herbal Food Supplement. They should start in a lowest concentration then to the highest concentration. It will help their body to have a gradual change.

While taking Kings Herbal, the effect of it in your body depends on how your bodies react with a concentration present in Kings Herbal. In a month, taking Ka Rey Herrera Kings REH Herbal Food Supplement, some patient will already feel the reaction of it in their body while other patient's bodies have a slow reaction in taking Kings Herbal.